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indie-bandsMingmen do a good job at making the genre more approachable as rather than jean jackets strewn in badges and grubby leather they concentrate on the construction of the songs, which although containing that distinctive high-pitch voluminous guitar, have pared it to join in with the overall output of the band and they have slowed much of the pace to generate a sound which gains considerably in power.

It is interesting that just by making a few volume mix changes the whole sound becomes, to my ears, more effective without loosing any of its essence and I think Mingmen have hit on a formulation that will enable them to attract not just a broader local audience, but equally a wider international fan-base.

Driven guitar lead the band forward in a display of power before the full might of the quartet hurl themselves out of the speakers like Visigoths on a war party. As you know this is a genre with which I often struggle, but with Mingmen, I am happy to dwell for quite some time.

There are plenty of great bands to be found in Switzerland and other than by keeping in touch with the Indie Bands Blog, if you are interested in exploring the general Swiss music scene on a regular basis, I recommend Restorm as a good place to start.

For now, I suggest tarrying with Mingmen.